Development Notes

This a a fairly free form document exploring the directions in which early development could go. It is also a repository for ideas that may or may not be used.

This section may not be needed once the code gets more stable. Right now this a way to document these ideas so that they don’t get lost as we make pragmatic decisions.

Munch classes for epJSON

From a presentation. at the buildsim conference in 2017


This opens up the possibilty of having three classes:

  • EPMunch -> general
    • Root
    • E+ Object type
  • EPObject -> for items got from EPJ.epobjects()
    • E+ Name
    • Fields
  • EPListinObject -> for lists in EPObject

The class heirarchy would be:

Munch -> EPMunch -> EPObject
         EPMunch -> EPListinObject

Right now we have only EPMunch for all of the above.

The initial benifit in having the three classes is that is eases the __repr__ (and __str__) code. Right now there are too many if statements. The same for __setattr__ and __setitem__. It is not a critical change, since everything works right now.

Opening files in eppy3000 code

Based on current discussion in issues